Get information,
process them
and publish.

Tubitor's Web-Services

Tubitor offers many Web-Services for everbody to use. Our Webservices are mostly free to use and the only requirement is a working Tubitor-Account.

We create Webservices to make things easier, for example sharing files or texts is way more easier with our File-Share-Service and Text-Share-Service.

Tubitor's Storage Management

Managing a big amount of files can be very stressfull. At Tubitor we're always working on better methods for saving files, access them everywhere we need it and save ressources and money.

We are using Cloud Storage for all workers at Tubitor to access all files everytime from everywhere. But not just we want to save our files, so we are working on a new cloud storage for customers.

Tubitor's Data

Our mission is to collect and process data to make things easier. We take care of all data we save and protect them.

Data protection is very important and we protect data as much as possible to prevent leaks and hackers.

Tubitor for Developers

With our TubitorDataAPI we're giving other applications and developers the possibility to use Tubitor features. With that, it's possible to create a login with Tubitor to other applications or websites. With a Tubitor login, you don't have to create an account on each website, just use you Tubitor Account.

We are also working on frameworks and APIs to make development easier and safer.

We are Tubitor

You know much about Tubitors Services, but what do you know about the team behind Tubitor?

Tubitor was found in 2019 in Germany. After the idea of a simple forum, we rebuilt Tubitor to have more possibilities.

Since the rebuilt of Tubitor, we are working on new Services.